Sun World Fansipan Legend is located in the southwest of Sa Pa town. It is a complex of cultural tourism architecture, cable car service, entertainment area, and luxury hotel.

At 3,143 meters above sea level, Fansipan is the highest mountain on the Indochina peninsula. This place is known by the nicknames “Roof of Indochina” and “Paradise on the top of Indochina.”

Fansipan Legend

Visiting Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area, visitors can see the majestic nature of Northwest mountains and an enormous spiritual landscape complex.

Because of how hard it was to build, Sun World Fansipan Legend has been compared to a miracle, which shows the desire of the Vietnamese people. It is a world-famous cultural tourist area.

How to get to Sun World Fansipan Legend

Going from Sapa to Fansipan Legend cable car station

From the center of Sapa town, visitors can take the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train or hire a private car to get to the Fansipan Legend cable car station.

  • Muong Hoa mountain climbing train:  It takes about 6 minutes to get from Sapa to the station.

In Sapa, tourists can buy the ticket on the first floor of Sun Plaza. A both-way ticket for the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train costs about 100,000 VND.

  • Rent a taxi: In addition to the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train, visitors can find a way to rent a taxi or motorbike taxi at the cable car station. Even though the price is low (100,000 VND), the trip will take longer.

Fansipan Legend cable car’s ticket price to the top of Fansipan mountain

When tourists get to the station for the Fansipan Legend cable car, they have to buy a ticket to go to the top of Fansipan. On average, it takes about 15 minutes to get there.

How to get to Sun World Fansipan Legend

Here’s the prices of the Fansipan Legend cable car:

  • For Lao Cai local people:

Adults (over 1m4): 550,000 VND per time 

Children (1 m to 1 m 4): 350,000 VND per time 

Children (under 1m): Free

  • For tourists coming from other places:

Adults (over 1m4): 750,000 VND per time 

Children (1m to 1m4): 550,000 VND per time

Children (under 1m): Free

Fansipan cable car hits two world records.

Sun Group began construction work in Sa Pa, Lao Cai, at the end of 2014. This structure started a journey to change the look of land with many potentials through the Fansipan cable car project, a vital part of Sapa’s tourism. 

On February 2, 2016, the cable car route was finally finished after more than 800 days and nights of building after solving many problems of geology and the weather at the top of Fansipan.

Fansipan cable car hits two world records.

Doppelmayr Garaventa, which makes some of the most famous cable cars in the world, took responsibility for constructing the Fansipan cable car.

The Fansipan cable car currently holds two world records: The three-wire cable car has the lowest departure station deviation in the world (1,410 m), and the three-wire cable car longest in the world (6,292.5 m).

Each cabin of the Fansipan Sapa cable car can hold up to 30–35 people and serve up to 2,000 people per hour. The trip from Fansipan peak to Sapa takes only 15 minutes instead of 2 days, along a dangerous mountain road.

The world’s most modern three-wire system runs the Fansipan Sapa Cable Car. Then, it makes it resistant to high wind pressure and extreme weather, so visitors are always safe.

The cable car gives everyone, including older people and children, a chance to see Fansipan peak as a fairyland.

The best time to travel to Sun World Fansipan Legend

Fansipan is where visitors can have different and exciting experiences in any season.

Therefore, visitors who want to go to Sun World Fansipan Legend don’t have to wonder when they should pack their bags and head there. 

Fansipan Legend’s spring scenery is made up of thousands of peach trees that bloom from the resort’s main road to the departure station and behind the back garden.

The best time to travel to Sun World Fansipan Legend

Unique art programs like the H’Mong flute dance show, the bonsai flower exhibition, and the reenactment of the upland spring fair will give visitors many memorable experiences.

When tourists visit Fansipan Legend in the summer, they can see a field of Pinkster flowers with nearly 40 different species.

Ancient Pinkster trees over 13 meters tall compete to show off their beautiful colors. This scene gives the mountain rocks and old forests here a unique beauty.

The best time to travel to Sun World Fansipan Legend

When the rice is ready, autumn is the best time to visit Muong Hoa valley. From the cable car cabin, it looks like the terraced fields are a golden carpet that visitors are flying over.

In the winter, the hills around Fansipan station are covered in purple buckwheat flower fields. Buckwheat is a typical Northwest flower.

When the temperature is below zero in the winter, Sun World Fansipan Legend changes into a snowy area of Europe, which surprises people who come to see it.

Interesting destinations in Sun World Fansipan Legend

Sun World Fansipan Legend’s second “most common” name is “City in the Clouds.”

In addition to the grandeur of the Fansipan cable car, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the unique and impressive Sun World Fansipan Legend’s spiritual and cultural complex.

The spiritual system looks like a pure old Vietnamese pagoda with Bao An Meditation Temple, Bich Van Meditation Temple, and Kim Son Bao Thang Church.

Along the side of the mountain are Vong Linh Cao Dai, sacred Stupa, the Great Amitabha Buddha statue , Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara statue, and Arhat road.

Interesting destinations in Sun World Fansipan Legend

In particular, at Fansipan Legend, there is a beautiful 12m-tall statue of the Great Amitabha Buddha made out of 50 tons of copper, which can avoid the effect of earthquakes and harsh climate.

Spiritual structures are also significant in Fansipan Legend. For example, the Arhat road is 800m long and has 18 bronze statues of arhats. Bich Van meditation temple has unique red tile roofs, pillars, beams, and complicated carved cliffs.

There is also a nine-cascader waterfall in the middle of two stone stairs. It has a height of about 30 meters and is made up of nine-cascader of waterfalls that flow over Buddhist scriptures carved into the rocks.

The top of the Bao Thap (Stupa) at Sun World Fansipan Legend is made of stone and has 11 floors. At the top of the tower is a golden lotus statue of pure copper. This architecture gives the building an old, grand, and luxurious look.

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