Coc San cave, also called Coc San waterfall, is a group of waterfalls and caves in Coc San commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai. The cave is about 30 km from the center of Sapa town. 

The beauty of Coc San is still completely wild and natural, with no changes caused by humans. Because of this, many tourists from both inside and outside of Sapa have chosen Coc San as the best place to explore.

How to get to the Coc San Cave

Visitors can take Highway 4D to get from Sapa town center to Coc San cave. It takes about forty- five minutes by motorbike or approximately thirty minutes by car for tourists to travel from Sapa’s center to Coc San cave.

How to get to the Coc San Cave

To get to Coc San cave, tourists should go northeast to Xuan Vien, then turn right onto Dien Bien Phu street, then keep going straight until they reach it. 

The best idea is to choose a motorbike because it is the most convenient way to get around. From QLD 4 highway, visitors have to trek about 1 km on a rough and rocky road.

Even though the street is a little harsh, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of rice fields, mountains, and small villages along the way.

About 300 to 400 meters away from Coc San, visitors can hear the sound of streams and waterfalls flowing like music, which helps them forget their worries and tiredness.

The stunning natural scenery in Coc San 

Coc San is a large area with a lot of waterfalls and a beautiful cave system made by nature.

The stunning natural scenery in Coc San 

When vacationers come to this beautiful area in Sapa, they can really feel how wild and beautiful the Northwest mountains are.

Coc San is in the middle of two small hills. The valley of the hill forms a stream with a medium slope, where there are waterfalls that go from low to high like stairs.

The caves in Coc San are spread out in many different places, and one of the most interesting things is that almost every waterfall has a cave right after the water pours down from up above.

The beauty of the waterfall outside the cave

The waterfalls in Coc San are only a few tens of meters away from each other. They flow through many floors and are very beautiful. 

The stunning natural scenery in Coc San 

When the waterfall cascades down, it makes white foam and a blurry scene that makes tourists feel like they are lost in a fairy land .

The streams and waterfalls of Coc San come from the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, flow through Sapa and Bat Xat, and end up in the Red River in Lao Cai town.

Because the stream picks up additional water from the streams and creeks as it travels through each area of land, the water flow will be more concentrated as the stream gains in strength.

Between the distances of waterfalls, there are cool streams that flow quietly day and night. The sound of the stream and the cool water help tourists feel relaxed and forget about the stress of everyday life.

Coc San also has a rocky beach next to streams with a lot of different sized and shaped stone slabs that are put together to make very beautiful stairs. In particular, there are a lot of flat stone slabs that can seat several dozen people.

Visitors can sit and relax on these rocks, put their feet in the cool spring water, and enjoy the fresh, pristine mountain scenery. 

The mysterious caves at Coc San

There is a cave hidden below each waterfall that is quite large enough for tourists to enter and take in the natural work of art that is being displayed there.

The stunning natural scenery in Coc San 

The cave at Coc San has a large area with many large and small caves that connect to each other to make enough space for several dozen people to visit comfortably.

Visitors will be especially impressed by the beauty and cleverness of stalactite blocks, which are strangely shaped slate columns that have grown over time.

Nature’s chemical reactions have made huge stalactites that look like trees, farm tools, and animals. They make the inside of the cave look like an impressive art museum.

The most beautiful time to visit Coc San cave is when a few warm rays of light shine through the curtain of water and cover the whole system of waterfalls and low hills.

Currently, many photographers are inspired by that magical moment of the cave and waterfall complex to take a lot of beautiful pictures of nature.

The weather in Coc San is very cool and fresh, which makes us feel very at ease. Especially on hot summer days, tourists who go to Coc San will feel the cool and airy space of the mountains.

Some other experiences in the villages of Coc San

From a distance, the Coc San commune stands out in the middle of a large valley like a beautiful watercolor painting carved by the artist’s own hand.

Some other experiences in the villages of Coc San


At the foot of the mountain, there is a picture of a huge green field. When the harvest comes, all the terraced fields will change to the color of the yellow rice.

Tourists that get the chance to take in the tranquil scenery here tend to get antsy and restless once they leave.

After going to Coc San cave, tourists can visit the ethnic people who live in Coc San commune, which is one of Sapa’s main tourist spots, and eat delicious food there.

Delicious dishes at Coc San, like grilled stream fish, wild game hanging from the kitchen, hill-based chicken processing dishes, and grilled stream fish with a cup of warm spicy corn wine, will make the trip to explore nature more fun.

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