Ky Co Beach Quy Nhon, called Vietnam’s Maldives, is an excellent place for people who love the sea.

About Ky Co Beach

Ky Co Beach is in Nhon Ly commune, in the province of Binh Dinh. It is about 25 km northeast of the city of Quy Nhon.

Because the sea borders one side of the city, and the hills and mountains border the other three sides, the landscape here is highly poetic and spectacular. 

About Ky Co Beach

Ky Co seawater has two colors. Near the shore, the seawater is blue, but the water farther out is a shade darker.

Quy Nhon is one of Vietnam’s coastal cities where the weather is nice. You can come here at any time of the year because of this. But from April to September, the weather is pleasing, and there is no air in the seabed.

When you come here, the beauty of the mountains and the way nature works together will blow you away. You can see imposing mountains and a wide range of green trees if you stand far away.

Most importantly, the air in Ky Co is light and airy. The wind blows into the body, bringing the typical salty sea air.

Also, Ky Co Beach has an arc that looks like a full moon, making it stand out.

How to get to Ky Co Beach

The best way to get to Ky Co Beach is by canoe. From Eo Gio to Ky Co, the fishermen provide canoes and boats for you to rent.

How to get to Ky Co Beach

Therefore, people can feel like they are surfing on the sea waves while looking at the beautiful Nhon Ly mountains.

Choose a motorbike or a car if you’re with a group of people who like to try new things and want to stop and enjoy the stunning scenery along the way.

But you will only be able to snorkel at Bai Dua if you drive to Ky Co. For that reason, you need to think carefully.

In addition to cars, planes and trains are also great ways to get around because they are safe.

The ride to Ky Co costs between 250,000 and 400,000 VND per person, which includes the cost of canoeing and food.

Adults pay 100,000 VND per visit to Ky Co Beach Resort, and children pay 50,000 VND per visit.

Ky Co food is full of flavor

In Ky Co, visitors must try many unique and new culinary dishes: grilled snails, fried scallops, oysters, dried shrimp, crab, soft thin vermicelli noodles. 

As a relatively new destination, tourism services here are inexpensive, and the people are kind, friendly, and welcoming.

Ky Co Ky Co food is full of flavor

In Ky Co, urchins that have been grilled look and taste great. After being bought, the chef will clean it, cut it in half, and take the stomach out. 

It will then be marinated in spices and fried. The meat is sweet, smells good, and is fatty, sure to make people happy.

The chefs often make sea snails into grilled dishes. Snail dishes also bring many flavors of Binh Dinh sea and enrich Vietnamese marine cuisine.

The dish that you should try the most is abalone porridge. Nature gives Quy Nhon land a great gift in the form of tasty porridge full of nutrients.

Ky Co is full of fun things to do

When people go to this wonderful land, they can do fun things based on their interests.

See the beach

If you have the opportunity to go there, you need to get into the cool water to see Ky Co Beach’s beauty and uniqueness.

The clear water will wrap its arms around you and make you feel light and calm. If you are tired from work or school, Ky Co will help you feel better.

See corals while snorkeling

You should try taking a canoe from the beach to see the sights before stopping at Hon Seo to go atoll diving.

Everyone will have a life jacket and diving goggles to swim freely in the sea. When you dive deep enough, you will see colorful coral reefs and schools of fish.


Those who like to go on adventures will remember the night spent camping at Ky Co.

Bring your tent and snacks, and then choose some Nhon Ly sea specialties for a BBQ on the beach.


Aside from swimming and snorkeling, you can also climb the mountains or go to the pure streams that run through the old forest.

You can climb the mountain next to the sea and look down at Ky Co Beach from above. It would be best if you took some pictures to keep the memories.

The mountain is gentle and easy to climb, but you should be with others to stay safe.

Ky Co is full of fun things to do

In short, Ky Co Beach is one of the places that tourists from other countries shouldn’t miss.

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