The Da Nang Love Block Bridge is in the middle of the city and has been a famous check-in place for young people for a long time. This place is not only a place to have fun but also a place where many couples want to show how much they love each other.

About The Da Nang Love Block Bridge 

The Da Nang Love Block Bridge is on Tran Hung Dao Street in the Son Tra District of Da Nang City. It is on the east side of the Han River.

About The Da Nang Love Block Bridge

The bridge, which opened in early 2015, has a unique shape. The Love Block Bridge is between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge. You can see a lot of the city’s poetic scenery from here.

The Da Nang Love Block Bridge is 68m long and shaped like a winding arc, making it look like a thin silk strip squeezed on the Han River.

The bridge is inspired by famous love bridges all around the world, such as the Milvio bridge in Italy, the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, and the Luzhkov love bridge in Russia.

In Vietnam, many people visit the love bridge in Da Nang, which symbolizes love in the coastal city. Visitors can bring their locks or buy them at the foot of the bridge.

Here, the locks are also made in the shape of a heart, the most common sign of love between two people.

When the lock is put on the bridge, the key will be thrown away or hidden so no one can take it and open the lock.

The best time to visit the Love Block Bridge in Da Nang is in the evening when the lanterns hanging from the bridge have started to light up and shine red light on the water, making a romantic scene.

What makes Da Nang Love Block Bridge attractive

The picture of the Da Nang Love Block Bridge is well-known on all social networking platforms for a reason.

This place is not only stunning, but it also shows the love that young people have for each other. People who choose Da Nang tours also stop here to wish for grounded love.

The locks prove pure love

The culture of France and Italy created love locks in the past then this feature of culture came to Vietnam.

When people go to the bridge, they can bring their own or buy locks near it.

The locks prove pure love

The price of each lock will vary between 70,000 VND and 250,000 VND. The padlock is shaped like a heart, and couples’ names will be written on it. From there, each pair will lock the lock on the bridge together.

It stands for the wish for a love that lasts forever. People usually throw the keys into the river before they leave so that no one can open the lock and ruin their happiness.

Lamp in the shape of a red heart

The heart-shaped lamp is one of the best things about Da Nang Love Block Bridge, highlighting the bridge’s beauty. These heart-shaped lamps are made with great care, and they look like giant red hearts against the black background of the lamp posts.

Lamp in the shape of a red heart

They bring an ancient and modern vibe at the same time. The most magnificent time is probably at night when the lights light up the sky and mix with the city’s rays to make a charming and romantic scene.

This is among the most popular places for wedding couples to check in in Da Nang.

Statue of carp turning into a dragon

The carp-turned-dragon was put up right at the entrance to the Love Block Bridge. It was based on the famous fountain lion statue in Singapore. This is a great way to check in, making you feel like you’ve arrived on Lion Island.

Statue of carp turning into a dragon

Many people think that the statue of a carp that has turned into a dragon will make everyone healthy and happy. So, if you go to the Love Block Bridge, remember to look for this statue.

When people look at the picture of fish swimming across the dragon gate, it will remind them to be strong and keep going through hard times.

Not only that, but this is also a sign that the people of Da Nang aim for a modern and civilized life without reducing the beauty of traditional culture.

DHC Marina yacht restaurant

When travelers go to this romantic love bridge, you can’t miss the yacht restaurant DHC Marina.

DHC Marina yacht restaurant

This super yacht was designed to look like the famous Titanic ship. It has five decks and is very luxurious.

The most popular spot at this restaurant is the sky bar on the statue floor, a great place to see the love bridge and Da Nang’s beauty and take good photos.

Some tips when visiting the Da Nang Love Block Bridge

As a famous destination, the number of tourists visiting Love Block Bridge daily is quite large, even in the high season. To explore this place, we have some experience tips you should refer to, which are:

+ If you want to put a padlock on the bridge of love, buy one at the Souvenir shop at the entrance or bring one. 

+ If you are traveling by motorbike, you can park in front of the yacht restaurant, the open space in front of the bridge of love, or the Son Tra night market. 

+ Even though Da Nang Love Block Bridge is beautiful during the day, you should go in the evening if you like the peaceful atmosphere. 

+ Most people go to Love Block Bridge on Saturday and Sunday nights because this is the best time to see the water and fire coming out of the dragon bridge. If you are someone who does not like the jostling scene, avoid going at this time.

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