Cococamp Quy Nhon is one of the places young people love to visit. This resort is right next to Hon Kho, which has the most beautiful scenery in Quy Nhon.

What makes this place so unique that many people want to go there? When you get to Quy Nhon, let’s go on the Cococamp Camping Tour and do some exciting things.

Why should you try Cococamp Camping Tour?

The Cococamp Camping Tour takes place at Cococamp Quy Nhon, which has a beautiful sea and a fishing village named Nhon Hai.

Why should you try Cococamp Camping Tour?


The Cococamp Quy Nhon tourist area is in Hai Nam village, Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh. It is about 20 kilometers from Quy Nhon city, which takes more than 30 minutes to go up there.

This place is known as the “Gate of Heaven of Quy Nhon,” so visitors can be sure that every corner is worth spending time taking pictures.

The main colors at Cococamp Quy Nhon are white and blue. For me, the scenery is stunning, and the seafood is so fresh.

Cococamp restaurant and Quy Nhon Me, a company that runs many unique Quy Nhon discovery tours, are the only ones to offer the above services together.

What kinds of things can you do at Cococamp Camping Tour?

Cococamp Quy Nhon has a lot of games that are good for kids and adults.

What kinds of things can you do at Cococamp Camping Tour?

Canoe to the nearby islands

You can go to other islands like Ky Co, Cu Lao Kho, Hon Kho, or Hai Giang beach by speedboat. Diving and swimming are the main things to do there.

If you sign up for the above program, you can play many games, like kayaking, giant buoy, and basket boating.

BBQs on the beach

Cococamp is a lovely place for group friends who like to camp. You can have BBQ parties on the beach or build a campfire.

Or, you can join a special tour of fishermen who go out at night to catch squid. This experience will give you a lot of different things to do.

See the beach

When you take a canoe to Hon Kho, you can swim, which is exciting. The water in the sea is clear and calm. It is a big mistake when you come here but does not swim in the ocean.

What should you eat at Cococamp Quy Nhon?

The check-in area is breathtaking and has a poetic setting. The Cococamp restaurant is also great for trying fresh seafood caught by local fishermen.

What should you eat at Cococamp Quy Nhon?

Crawfish with ground shrimp, a Binh Dinh specialty, Grilled oysters with onion fat, Steamed sea shrimp with coconut water, Grilled squid leaves, and jellyfish hotpot are some of the dishes you might want to try at the restaurant.

At Cococamp Quy Nhon, seafood is cooked in a way that reflects the tastes of the people who live there.

Notes about the Cococamp Camping Tour

Bring sunscreen and other items to protect yourself from the sun, and wear light-colored clothes to get better photos.

Notes about the Cococamp Camping Tour

Be more careful, and bring tools like waterproof bags,slippers when you go to the beach.

You should move to Hon Kho on the day of the full moon because the tide will be out, and you’ll be able to see the sea road better.

From October to January (solar calendar), you won’t be able to get through Hon Kho island. At that time, you could only go to the fishing village of Nhon Hai and take pictures in front of Cococamp.

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