Where can you find the Vung Tau Lighthouse?

The top of Vung Tau Small Mountain (also called Tao Phung Mountain), where the Vung Tau Lighthouse is, is 149m above sea level. Small Mountain is in Vietnam, specifically Ward 2 of Vung Tau City in the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

About the Lighthouse at Vung Tau

The Lighthouse is 170m high and has the shape of a pointy tower that is 18m tall. It is painted white and stands out against the blue sky. 

About the Lighthouse at Vung Tau

Many tourists come to this place because beautiful green trees surround it.

The Vung Tau lighthouse is the symbol of the city of Vung Tau, which is on the coast. 

It is said to be the oldest of the 79 lighthouses in Vietnam. Around 1862, the French built this site to warn boats that were coming.

Modern architecture says that a solid tunnel links the Vung Tau Lighthouse tourist site to the area where the builders live. 

From the spiral staircase in the middle of the Lighthouse, which has 55 steps to the top of the tower. 

Visitors can feel the cool breeze from the sea and see Vung Tau city from the river.

Pathway to and along Vung Tau Lighthouse

From the city of Vung Tau, we take the Ba Muoi Thang Tu road, then Pham Hong Thai street, and then we go straight to Le Loi street. 

We turn right at the intersection of Le Loi and Hoang Dieu streets. Turn right at the end of the road to get to Bai Truoc park.

When you turn right out of Ha Long Bay, the area near the Canh Ngam pier starts to get wider.

People can ride a motorbike or drive a car to this Vung Tau tourist spot to look at the old Lighthouse, which has a unique style of architecture.

On the other hand, some people choose to go for a walk because it gives them a sense of adventure and challenge, gives them a chance to breathe fresh air, and lets them enjoy the beautiful scenery to the fullest.

Pathway to and along Vung Tau Lighthouse

Follow the winding road to Small Mountain (also known as Tao Phung Mountain) to get to the Vung Tau Lighthouse tourist attraction. 

Nowadays, the climbing path has been fixed and turned into a clean, excellent asphalt road. 

You can drive a motorbike or car to the Lighthouse or stroll along the beautiful, lovely mountainside. 

The way this road winds up the side of the Mountain is beautiful and romantic.

Pathway to and along Vung Tau Lighthouse

Some tropical green trees still cling to the rocks in this area, providing shade and a sense of peace along the path. 

When people go to Vung Tau, they like walking on the minor road along the mountainside and breathing fresh air.

The road will get wider and wider as you go up. There is a vast sea on one side, and on the other, there are unspoiled mountains. 

The sight is something that anyone will always remember.

The beautiful Little Mountain is home to many pristine, peaceful tropical plants, so any place you stop to rest on the mountainside can be a majestic view that makes you want to stay.

But the best feeling might be when tourists walk through the Lighthouse’s rose garden, which has been there for decades and is full of sweet-smelling flowers. 

At that moment, all your tiredness will disappear as if by magic.

When you get to the top of the Mountain, you can see the whole river, the vast, beautiful white Lighthouse that rises high into the dark blue sky, and The Statue of Jesus Christ, which is not far away.

As we look at the beautiful Vung Tau lighthouse, we can go to the monumental beer house to look at the French architecture. 

In particular, a rainwater storage cellar can hold about 1,000 m3 and is used to help local people live.

When does the Vung Tau lighthouse open for business?

People can go to the Vung Tau Lighthouse every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

When does the Vung Tau lighthouse open for business?

You can choose the best time to visit based on your needs since the Vung Tau lighthouse looks different at different times.

During the day, if you go to the Vung Tau lighthouse, you’ll be able to check in to your virtual life and see many dreamy scenes and bright sunshine. 

Every day after sunset, you can see the sunrise over the sea in the distance if you go to the Vung Tau lighthouse. 

Even if you come here when it’s dark, the Lighthouse will still light up beautifully.

Vung Tau Lighthouse doesn’t charge a fee to get in, so you can still visit this tourist spot and enjoy a virtual check-in with lots of beautiful photos without spending any money. 

When you go to the Vung Tau lighthouse, you can see an expansive view of the beautiful and quiet coastal city. 

The picture makes everyone feel better and more at ease.

Photographing at the Lighthouse

One of the most exciting things young people do is take pictures with the Lighthouse. The lantern’s light makes the scene even more romantic. 

Photographing at the Lighthouse

When we stand at the Lighthouse’s railing and feel the sea breeze, we can see the whole town of Vung Tau, which is very quiet and peaceful.

As far as the eye can see, we will see the statue of Christ and the breathtaking and majestic Minh Dam mountain. 

One of the many beautiful places to shoot is the romantic crescent-shaped beach with clear blue water. 

The beautiful porcelain flower garden is both a decoration and a way to show off the Lighthouse’s age, beauty, and power.

What should you eat at Vung Tau Lighthouse?

“Sightseeing, comfortable check-in, and then you have to find a place to eat, right? Vung Tau food is worth trying. 

The Yaourt Co Tien food store below the Vung Tau Lighthouse is a place to eat that no tourist has ever missed when visiting the Lighthouse. 

Here, you can get soft, tasty yogurt made with fresh milk (7K) and a delicious egg yolk (7K) bag, among other delicious snacks. 

In particular, the prices of these dishes are so low that even students can afford them.” – posted by a guest to Vung Tau

You should check out the tourist spots near the Lighthouse

The Statue of Jesus Christ

This is one of the most well-known places to see in Vung Tau, and you should do so at least once. It is an important spiritual symbol there. 

You should check out the tourist spots near the Lighthouse

The statue is visible everywhere in the city, but the best place to see it is above the Lighthouse on Small Mountain.

The Statue of Christ is open from early morning until late afternoon. 

But remember that this is a spiritual tourist destination where people pay a lot of attention to how people dress. 

So, only wear formal clothes like shirts with sleeves, casual pants, or dresses that go above the knees. 

Even though the attraction is free, people can donate to help keep the statue of God in good shape.

Nirvana Vihara (the “Reclining Buddha” pagoda)

This is an old pagoda on the slopes of Small Mountain in the city of Vung Tau. It is a popular tourist spot for people from both Vietnam and other countries. 

You should check out the tourist spots near the Lighthouse

Nirvana Vihara is considered one of the most beautiful pagodas in Vung Tau. It has a lot of East-West lines in its design, but it is also very unique.

In that main hall, the “Reclining Buddha” statue, which is 12 meters long and stands on a 2.5-meter-high bronze pedestal, stands out the most. 

It is a symbol of the “Paticca-samuppāda” (Vietnamese: “Thap Nhi Nhan Duyen”). In front of the altar is a statue of the disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha, who saw him enter the place.

There are also many other works of architecture, like Long, Lan, Qui, and Phung, that are very beautiful and impressive when you visit and take pictures of them.

Back Beach

Back Beach, one of Vung Tau’s well-known tourist spots, is close to the top of the Lighthouse. 

You should check out the tourist spots near the Lighthouse
Du khách t¡i Bãi Sau Ving Tàu

Back Beach is where many tourists go swimming and relax in Ba Ria-Vung Tau because it has a beautiful landscape, blue sea water, fresh and cool air, and a lot of services. 

After a long day of work, people here will feel very comfortable and refreshed.

Along the beach, you can see a large area of poplar forest with many smooth, green trees against a white sand background.

As the trees sway in the sea breeze, they make a soothing sound. Here, there are also a lot of other services, like inns, hotels, and resorts, that tourists can rent for a long time. 

There are also souvenir shops, restaurants, and tourist markets that tourists can visit.

Front Beach

Back Beach is opposite Front Beach, a great place to meet up for weekend trips. This beach is in a quiet cove between Big Mountain and Small Mountain.

You should check out the tourist spots near the Lighthouse

As the front of Vung Tau, nature has favored the beautiful scenery of Front Beach, where many ships anchor before heading out on trips. 

Along Front Beach, there are a lot of coconut trees. Under the remarkable green trees is a park with lots of flowers where tourists can walk, swim, and listen to the waves.

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