“The Statue of Christ the King” of Vung Tau is located on the Small Mountain of Vung Tau. Around 1974, it was the first statue of Jesus. 

In 2012, this gigantic statue was recorded as the Asia region’s tallest statue of Jesus.

When you get to the statue of Christ the King, you can stand in God’s arms and look out over the city of Vung Tau on the coast. 

From there, you have a better look across the entire romantic Vung Tau coast. 

You can observe each colorful sailboat crossing to sea and watch the white foam waves hit Nghinh Phong cape and Hon Ba island.

Where is the statue of Christ the King located?

Address: Thuy Van, Ward 2, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau is the address.

Where is the statue of Christ the King located?

People think that the Statue of Christ the King is a unique and well-known piece of architecture in the coastal city of Vung Tau. 

The Statue of Christ the King was put up on the Small Mountain (Tao Phung Mountain) at the city’s entrance on Thuy Van Street.

The site is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

How much does it cost to see Christ the King Statue?

The statue of Christ the King is a free tourist attraction in Vung Tau, so you don’t have to pay anything to see it besides the fee to park your motorbike at the base of the Mountain. 

But you are not obligated to pay this amount, so the cost of the statue of God isn’t as high as it is for other famous places in Vung Tau.

Ways to get to Christ statue in Vung Tau

Bikes and private cars

These are the two most convenient ways to get around on your own because you can move whenever you want, go wherever you want, and stop wherever you want. 

You can take the Cat Lai, Nhon Trach ferries, or National Highway 51 to get from Saigon to Vung Tau. 

The Cat Lai ferry route is best for riding a motorcycle because the road is easy. It will be safer to look for a car and buy one. 

If you are driving a car, you should take the Long Thanh – Dong Nai highway.

Long trip bus

This is the kind of car that most people choose. You should take a bus from the Eastern Saigon station to the Vung Tau station. 

The trip takes about 2.5 hours and costs between 80,000 VND and 160,000 VND per ticket, depending on which bus line you choose. 

Bus lines in Vung Tau, like Phuong Trang, Thien Phu, Rang Dong, and Hoa Mai, are well-known and decent.


This is the fastest way to get to Vung Tau. It’s also the most expensive way to get there, taking about an hour and a half, with about 200,000 VND per ticket. 

You can buy a ticket from Bach Dang port in Ho Chi Minh City to Cau Da port in Vung Tau city. Green Lines and Vina Express are two other shipping companies you should consider.

When should you go to see The Statue of Christ the King?

Vung Tau is in the Southeast, which has a tropical monsoon climate. It usually has two seasons: the rainy season from May to October and the dry season from November to April. 

When should you go to see The Statue of Christ the King?

The lowest temperature in Vung Tau is 24 degrees, and the highest is 30 degrees. The average temperature in Vung Tau is 27 degrees. 

Because the weather is nice, Vung Tau has become a popular location for domestic and international tourists.

The Statue of Christ is in the city of Vung Tau, so it will be affected by the very fresh and cool weather here. 

But if you want to see The Statue of Christ the King, other travelers say you should go at dawn. You won’t be as tired when it’s still foggy.

The architecture of Vung Tau’s Statue of Christ the King

About 800 steps lead from the base of the Mountain to the bottom of the statue. One hundred thirty-five spiral steps inside the figure of Christ leading up to the arm of the statue.

The architecture of Vung Tau's Statue of Christ the King

From the two arms, visitors can see a broad view of the beach and the city of Vung Tau. They can also enjoy the cool, fresh air from the sea, which refreshes the soul and makes it easier to deal with the stresses of daily life.

There are three massive cannons right at the base of the statue. These are the first of the 11 guns that make up the artillery field on the Small Mountain. 

Each weapon is kept in an underground fortification 10.5 m in diameter. A system of trenches and tunnels also links the cannons right at the base of the statue of Christ.

From the base of the Mountain to the statue of God, there are four sheltered stops. From the bottom of the Mountain to the top, there are hundreds of stone benches that tourists use to rest. 

The Statue of Christ is a famous pilgrimage site and world-class religious art. Many tourists come to explore and admire it.

Management unit: Ba Ria diocese.

Places near The Christ the King statue in Vung Tau

The Small Mountain

The statue of Christ is on the Small Mountain in Vung Tau, so it would be a shame if you only went to see Christ and didn’t take the time to see the Small Mountain. 

Places near The Christ the King statue in Vung Tau

Close to the coast is where the small Mountain. At the bottom of the hill are many large restaurants, hotels, and cafes along the coast roads. 

There are two peaks on the small Mountain. The higher one has a lighthouse tower that lights up the sky, and the lower one has the Statue of Christ the King.


The French built the Vung Tau lighthouse on top of the Small Mountain to guide ships and let them know where to go. 

Places near The Christ the King statue in Vung Tau

The lighthouse is 149 meters above sea level and is considered one of the oldest in Southeast Asia and Vietnam. 

The lighthouse has an elevator that goes all the way to the top and a balcony for gazing out.

Hon Ba

Hon Ba is a small island near Nghinh Phong cape. It is about 200 meters long and starts at the foot of the Small Mountain and goes to Hon Ba. 

Places near The Christ the King statue in Vung Tau

If you stand on top of the Small Mountain, right before you get to the Statue of Christ the King, with your back to the sea, you will see a small island not far from the shore with a unique path in the middle of the water. 

But this mysterious path is only shown to you sometimes to wade on it safely. When the tide is high, the only way to get to Hon Ba is by basket boat.

If you want to walk on this rough, rocky road with water on both sides, you should first find out when the flood tide is coming in. 

The time also doesn’t stay the same every day, so it would be hard to guess when the best time would be.

Ho May

The Ho May Vung Tau tourist area is at 1A Tran Phu, Ward 1, Vung Tau, Ba Ria-Vung Tau. It is like Da Nang’s Ba Na Hills in that it has a lot of different things to do.

Places near The Christ the King statue in Vung Tau

Tourists have a strong impression of this place because of its beautiful mountains and islands. People who travel to Vung Tau also say the site is a must-see. 

After only ten minutes of waiting for the cable car to arrive at Ho May, you’ll be able to see the whole city of Vung Tau from above. 

Bring your camera to take pictures to remember the view for a lifetime. You’ll find a lot to do when you visit the Ho May tourist area, from cultural and culinary tourism to sightseeing and shopping. 

All of these things are very different and unique.

Pig Hill

Pig Hill is a small hill that sticks out from the cliff’s edge. It was once used as a quarry, but it turned into a beautiful place to visit by accident. 

Places near The Christ the King statue in Vung Tau

If you come here in late fall, you can see beautiful cherry blossoms along the way, which is a lot of fun. 

Even though it is a barren hill, there are some very sad corners with clouds where you can check in and relax.

Back Beach

Back Beach is the favorite beach of tourists and locals because of its gentle, natural beauty and long stretches of golden sand next to tall coconut trees. 

Places near The Christ the King statue in Vung Tau

It has an 8-kilometer coastline. Bai Sau isn’t in the middle of the city like Front Beach, so it’s quiet and peaceful. Tourists can also feel pretty safe at the beach.

Nghinh Phong Cape

The south end of the Vung Tau peninsula, where the cape is, is a lovely place for people who like to travel. 

Places near The Christ the King statue in Vung Tau

When you go to Nghinh Phong cape, the city’s windbreak, you can see a beautiful view of the city from the deep blue sea.

Pineapple Beach

The sea at Pineapple Beach is calm and peaceful, with soft winds and romantic waves that whisper. 

Places near The Christ the King statue in Vung Tau
Bãi Déa Ving Tàu

Because Nghinh Phong cape blocks it, the water goes deep into the shore and makes big rapids. 

Pineapple Beach is one of the most tranquil beaches, which draws people to it and keeps them coming back.

Visitors’ reviews

Isiiu: “The road to the Statue of Christ the King is curving, and many flowers are arranged beautifully. [You] Should go early (6:30 open) when the weather is still cool.” (January 2021)

Giangideaz: “The statue of Christ is a place you shouldn’t miss if you go to Vung Tau. The path to the statue is made of solid stone steps that wind through beautiful scenery and statues on both sides of the road. 

There are cool and clean seats along the way to enjoy the view. Inside the statue is a small ladder that lets visitors go up to two statues and see the whole view of Vung Tau. 

The downside is that the ladder is narrow and gets crowded on weekends.” (September 2019)

MontagnardsPUB: “It was fun to climb with friends. Around 9 a.m., things get the most interesting. 

Choose a beautiful morning with friends to see the Vung Tau sea from the top of Tao Phung mountain (the Statue of Christ the King). I hope you have a good time.” (July 2014)

Chuyenbo: “Climbing is hard but fun, and you can take pictures while you do it. If you want to climb inside the statue, don’t go at 4 p.m. every Friday”. (April 2014)

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