When visiting Sapa, tourists may go to Cat Cat village or Ta Phin village to learn about the H’Mong culture and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

However, Y Linh Ho Village is the best option for those travelers who seek a more authentic mountain and forest adventure in less commercialized destinations.

Tourists will see a peaceful and poetic scene when they come here. The Hoang Lien Son mountain range is all around the village. 

Next to this high mountain range is the village, which has streams, terraced fields, and corn and cassava. The Dao and H’Mong people who live in Y Linh Ho village built houses out of small, simple bamboo.

Where is the village of Y Linh Ho?

Tourists head toward Lao Chai village along the Muong Hoa valley from Sapa town.

Where is the village of Y Linh Ho?

From here, tourists can see the small Lao Chai San 2 bridge on the left side of the river. A small bridge crosses the chasm that separates the Lao Chai and Y Linh Ho communities.

Visitors can walk to Y Linh Ho Village by crossing this bridge. There is no noise or crowding in the village like in some tourist spots in Sapa town.

This trip will give people a chance to learn how the Mong-Dao people who live in the village live their daily lives.

The history of Y Linh Ho Village 

The name of Y Linh Ho village has profound significance.

The history of Y Linh Ho Village 

According to the informations given by some of older locals in the community, the name Y Linh Ho was given to the village in honor of Mr. Y Linh Ho, who was the first to build and settle this area.

The Dao people, led by Mr. Ly Linh Ho, grew crops in the area around Y Linh Ho village in the past, so the story goes.

After a long time of building, the Dao people lived in Y Linh Ho, which was their village.

Later, the Dao people who lived in Y Linh Ho started to leave, and the Mong people moved into the village. However, the name Y Linh Ho was kept to honor the person who founded the town.

The village is far from the main road, and the road to get there is steep and bumpy. Unlike many other SaPa villages, this one isn’t noisy with cars, but quiet and peaceful.

How to get to the village of Y Linh Ho

Because the road to the village is rough and hard to navigate, visitors can get here in one of two ways:

  • Visitors can rent a motorbike, which takes about 15 minutes to get here.

Because the road to the village is challenging, visitors should try this route only if they are good at driving long distances and have a firm grip on the steering wheel.

  • Trekking is something that many tourists choose to do as part of their tour.

Going to Y Linh Ho villages in this way makes people feel like they are a part of the village, with its terraced fields at every step.

Visitors’ experiences in wild beautiful villages like Y Linh Ho.

First, tourists will have time to look at the vast mountains and forests. They will be able to slowly take in the natural surroundings and blend in with the atmosphere of the mountains.

This trip is also a chance for us to exercise, unwind after a stressful day at work, and breathe in the city’s rare fresh air.

The beautiful Y Linh Ho scenery

In Y Linh Ho village, the terraced fields are one of the most exciting parts of the landscape.

Visitors' experiences in wild beautiful villages like Y Linh Ho.

With the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and the quiet and beautiful Muong Hoa stream, tourists can feel very calm and at ease whenever coming here.

Silver Waterfall is at the end of the Muong Hoa stream. It flows slowly through the village of Y Linh Ho and looks like a giant snake circling the large terraced fields.

During the time of year when the rice is ripe, the yellow color of the terraced fields reflects on the surface of the streams. This scene is so stunningly beautiful that no one can look away.

This stream helps local people in the area build irrigation systems that bring water to terraced fields, and it also gives the village food like shrimp and fish.

Traditional cultures in the village of Y Linh Ho

The Black H’mong mostly live in Y Linh Ho village, and their culture has many things that are only found in their country.

These values still exist today because they are far from the center. The Black H’mong also wear different clothes.

Visitors' experiences in wild beautiful villages like Y Linh Ho.

Women in this area wear an indigo skirt shorter than the Hoa Hmong dress. It has a jacket on the heart-shaped neck, a pattern printed on the hem, and embroidery on the arms.

The Black H’mong people keep their spiritual beliefs, like worshiping ancestors and gods, alive from one generation to the next.

The cultural identity in Y Linh Ho village is also very different and unique. Visitors can always hear the trumpet and the flute in the mountains and forests.

Suppose tourists go to Y Linh Ho village. In that case, locals will be happy to tell you more about their culture and traditions by showing how they do things like weaving linen and fabric daily.

Locals make many things by hand, and tourists can buy some of them to support and encourage them daily.

Sapa’s Y Linh Ho village is a beautiful place that hasn’t changed much. Tourists visiting Sapa town should take the chance to see it.

Suppose travelers go to Y Linh Ho village and look at the beautiful terraced fields and Muong Hoa stream. In that case, they will better understand how beautiful nature is in this part of the world.

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