Ta Phin village is a popular residential area of the Red Dao and H’ Mong people in Sapa. The natural beauty and tranquility of this area have earned it widespread renown.

Coming to Ta Phin, visitors can see much cultural heritage imbued with the Northwest identity. They can also go to the famous brocade market and learn about the habits and customs of the ethnic groups.

The Dao and H’Mong people of Ta Phin village live in the valleys and on the sides of the mountains in a simple, honest, and peaceful way.

A trip to Ta Phin Village will surely provide visitors with many memorable experiences.

Where is Ta Phin village?

Ta Phin village is a remote village. It is part of the Ta Phin commune and is about 13 km northeast of the center of Sapa town.

Where is Ta Phin village?

The village of Ta Phin is near the limestone range, a branch of Hoang Lien Son, and is about 1 km from the headquarters of the Ta Phin commune’s People’s Committee.

Different from the hustle and bustle of the city, Ta Phin village has a peaceful and mellow beauty. This place is the perfect choice for those who want to be in harmony with mountain nature.

If you’re coming from Hanoi, it’s about 300 km from Hanoi to Lao Cai to Sapa.

Tourists can choose a bus at one of the significant bus stations in My Dinh or Giap Bat. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to get straight to the center of Sapa town on the highway.

Visitors can also take the train from Hanoi station to Lao Cai station and then call a motorbike or taxi to get to the center of Sapa town. Then, go to Ta Phin village from the center of Sapa town.

How do tourists get to the village of Ta Phin Sapa?

From the center of Sapa town, visitors only need to go about 5 km along the 4D highway to get to Ta Phin village. From there, keep going for about 7 km until you reach the entrance to Ta Phin village.

How do tourists get to the village of Ta Phin Sapa?

People who want to visit the village must buy a ticket at the ticket counter, which costs about 20,000 VND per person.

The road to Ta Phin village is beautiful, with long slopes next to green, large terraced fields and many flowers racing to bloom on both sides.

However, the road into Ta Phin village is exceptionally windy and hard to drive, even for professional drivers.

To have a good trip, visitors should choose the right vehicle.

Tourists can rent a motorbike or call a motorbike taxi in the center of Sapa and travel more than 13 km to explore this unspoiled village for only 100,000 to 120,000 VND per day.

Visitors can also choose to go on a tour or by car, which leaves from the center of Sapa to ensure its safety and costs between 500,000 and 700,000 VND per day.

What to eat in the village of Ta Phin?

Ta Phin village has many tasty traditional dishes, such as braised pork belly, fried chicken with lemongrass, and wild boar soup with bamboo shoots and dracontomelon.

What to eat in the village of Ta Phin?

There are also many delicious and unique dishes that visitors can enjoy together.

The cuisine here is cooked in a way that gives it a unique Northwest flavor and is served at a very reasonable price.

Guests can order meals at the registered homestay, where some local people serve them. This makes the trip easier and lets them try authentic traditional Northwest dishes.

Where to stay in Ta Phin ?

Like many other popular tourist spots in Sapa, Ta Phin village has unique homestays in the center of the town.

Renting a room in this village will introduce you to various fascinating locals.

Ta Phin Homestay

Visitors can get a good night’s sleep in the middle of nature at Ta Phin Homestay.

Where to stay in Ta Phin ?

Coming to Ta Phin Homestay, you will experience a family-style service that brings comfort and friendliness.

The bedroom is made entirely of bamboo and wood, but its delicate layout makes it luxurious.

It has a bar, parking, and a front desk for guests 24 hours a day. There are also games for kids at Ta Phin Homestay, which makes it an excellent place for families with young children.

Price per night: about 350,000 VND.

Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological

This resort is surrounded by a lot of greenery. It is a peaceful place to go if you need to escape everyday life’s stress.

Where to stay in Ta Phin ?

Most of Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological rooms are simple, with wooden floors and windows with a view of beautiful mountain scenery.

The rock garden is an excellent spot at the foot of the pretty hills. The garden is divided into a tranquil pool area and an elegant walkway garden that opens up a relaxing space.

Price per night: about 400,000 VND.

Ta Phin Lodge Sapa

The Ta Phin Lodge in Sapa is in the middle of the Ta Phin Village and has a view of the whole mountain. The rooms at the homestay are made to be modern and comfortable.

If you come here, you can see three of Ta Phin’s most beautiful terraced fields. This homestay is charming because it has an infinity pool that looks out over the beautiful terraced fields.

This place deserves to be a perfect choice for any traveler who wishes to have the best vacation when coming here.

Price per night: about 350,000 VND.

Where do people stay in Ta Phin village?

Ta Phin ancient monastery

Ta Phin ancient monastery is a destination with many wild features. Around 1942, Christians built the monastery so that they could live there for many years before moving to Hanoi in 1945.

Where do people stay in Ta Phin village?

Since then, the monastery has been abandoned and turned into ruins. Thanks to its solid laterite construction, these walls and pillars are still maintained.

Ta Phin Monastery evokes a feeling of nostalgia, with a mysterious character with old mossy walls over the years.

Traditional craft village in Ta Phin village

When coming inside the village, visitors will see people here focusing on weaving shirts and brocade towels and enthusiastically showing visitors how to dye and color fabrics.

Where do people stay in Ta Phin village?

There are many typical patterns on these items, like flowers, grass, and animals. There are also strong hints of the mountains and forests of the Northwest.

Visitors can also go to the Ta Phin brocade village, where they can buy bags, backpacks, wallets, skirts, and shirts as gifts for their friends and family after their trip to Sapa.

Ta Phin Cave

Located at the foot of a high mountain, more than 3 km from the center of the village.  Ta Phin Cave was made by sediments building up over thousands of years, making stalactites of different sizes and shapes.

Where do people stay in Ta Phin village?

The cave is considered the first place where Dao ancestors used to live. Therefore, not only is it an exciting place to explore, but Ta Phin cave has a special meaning for the Dao ethnic group in Sapa.

Visitors can walk around Ta Phin village to see the large terraced fields, many large and small streams, and exciting places to visit.

In addition, the life of the people of Ta Phin village is associated with the forest with many rare plant species. 

The Dao people in Ta Phin also know how to preserve every precious thing Mother Nature gave them.

Coming to this place, visitors can try soaking in the “miracle” herbal water, which is both good for your health and good for your mind.

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