People say the Hai Van pass is one of the most beautiful passes on earth. This place attracts adventurers who love to find and conquer new things because it is majestic and splendid.

The most majestic wonder

Hai Van is a winding pass on the Bach Ma mountain range, a branch of the Truong Son range extending to the sea, which is also Hai Van mountain.

The pass zigzags along the Bach Ma mountain range. It is 20 km long and 500 m above sea level on average. 

The most majestic wonder

Hai Van pass is the border between the province of Thua Thien Hue in the north and Da Nang city in the south.

History says that the ancient Hai Van pass was once the border between Dai Viet (now called Vietnam) and Champa. 

Later, the Ho Dynasty sent troops to conquer Champa. Therefore, the Champa king sacrificed the land to make peace with Dai Viet. Since then, Dai Ngu, now Vietnam, has owned the Hai Van pass.

When the French colonists took over Vietnam at the start of the 20th century, they built a railroad through Hai Van pass in 1902.

The road tunnel on Hai Van mountain was officially opened for people in 2005. It is 6.28 km (the longest in Southeast Asia), which has reduced the road’s length to 20 km, saving a lot of time for adventurers.

The most majestic wonder

But when going to Hai Van, many travelers still prefer to take the road up the mountain to see the view and get a fresh feeling.

The road of Hai Van pass curves along the side of a mountain and stands out among the imposing mountains. It is precarious and dangerous but impressive in the eyes of curious travelers.

Many “moving fanatics” will be highly excited on this hazardous road. On the other side of the Hai Van pass is the towering mountains, and below is the clear blue sea that makes the picture of nature stunning.

People call the “Hai Van” pass because this place has breathtaking scenery, and clouds always cover the top of the pass. At the bottom of the Hai Van pass, the vast blue sea seems to stretch far away til the horizon.

People also call it the May pass (Van means May) or Ai Van pass because there was a gate at the top of the pass.

How to get to Hai Van pass

You can ride a motorcycle or a bicycle up Hai Van pass. But getting around on motorbikes is the most fun thing to do here.

Choosing a motorbike is a great way to feel like you’ve conquered Hai Van pass. You can stop on the pass to rest and take pictures freely.

How to get to Hai Van pass

If you start from Da Nang, it will take about an hour to get through this dangerous and winding road.

A few other people also tried riding bicycles to the Hai Van pass. However, you must be physically healthy to dare to do this. Also, we recommend foreign tourists refrain from trying this.

Fun things to do when going to the Hai Van pass

Foreign tourists who go to Hai Van pass should take advantage of the following fun things to do.

Visiting Hai Van Quan relic

The relic is on the top of Hai Van pass, which is in the Bach Ma mountain range. It is 496m above sea level. 

Fun things to do when going to the Hai Van pass

In the past, Hai Van Quan was built to serve as a defensive military bastion to protect Hue citadel from enemy attacks.

Hai Van Quan makes tourists fall in love with its beautiful natural scenery. You can see several mountains, winding pass roads, a blue sea, and the mighty sky.

At Hai Van Quan, tourists can take impressive pictures on the long north-south road.

Hunting clouds, watching the ultimate sunrise at Hai Van terrace

You only need to go a little further from pine hill to Hai Van terrace. Hai Van terrace is one of the best viewpoints on top of the pass.

From here, you will see a panoramic view of the vibrant Da Nang city and look far into the sea. Hai Van terrace has relatively flat terrain and is suitable for setting up nighttime tents. 

Especially, Hai Van terrace is the best place at Hai Van pass to hunt clouds and watch the sunrise.

Taking pictures next to the lone tree

The lone tree is one of the places where many Vietnamese like to take pictures because the sight gives an ancient, vintage vibe.

Besides, there is a cute, relaxing little cafe opposite the pine tree. You can take a break there before getting back on the journey.

Stopping by Cu Rua Stone cafe and Cu Rua rock

About 200m from the lone pine tree, the Cu Rua Rock is the perfect viewing point to see the poetic beauty of Da Nang.

People say that Cu Rua Stone cafe is one of the most worth-visiting cafes in Da Nang. The cafe is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the drink price is about 15,000 VND.

Fun things to do when going to the Hai Van pass

Aside from the above things to do and places to visit, Hai Van pass has many more exciting places, which we will continue to introduce in our following articles.

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