People are drawn to Da Nang Cathedral by its dignified, ancient, and luxurious beauty. This place is now a must-see for anyone visiting Da Nang city.

The Da Nang Cathedral Parish in brief

The Da Nang Cathedral is in the Hai Chau District of Da Nang City at 156 Tran Phu Street.

The Da Nang Cathedral Parish in brief

This church is one of the most well-known big churches in Da Nang. It is a religious and cultural center for the local people and a popular foreign tourist spot.

The Cathedral in Da Nang is one of many impressive religious buildings in the middle of the city.

But not everyone knows the church’s history, like when it was built and what it’s worth.

Several pieces of evidence say that Da Nang Cathedral was built in February 1923 and inaugurated in March 1924. This church in Da Nang has the earliest construction time under the French colonial period.

On March 1, 1963, the church officially became Da Nang Cathedral. The title “Sacred Heart of Jesus” was put on the church on the first blessing day.

The Da Nang Cathedral Parish in brief

This place has changed over a hundred years and has seen many important events in the country’s history.

Even though the church has been affected by fierce wars, it has always stuck to its long-standing good values. This thing has made the people of Da Nang proud of their church.

Exciting things to experience at Da Nang Cathedral

When you visit Da Nang Cathedral, you’ll see one of Vietnam’s most beautiful and luxurious churches. You’ll also be able to do many things there and take pictures to imprint your memories.

Take part in church activities

On weekdays, visitors can visit and enjoy the sound of harmonious bells to help relax and purify the soul.

You can also go to the church on the weekends to attend solemn services and learn more about some of the Catholic Church’s rituals.

Check out the church’s ancient and magnificent architecture

The Cathedral was built during the French colonial period. Because of this, the church’s main style is Gothic, a traditional style in the West.

Exciting things to experience at Da Nang Cathedral

When you get there, the Da Nang Cathedral will make you feel like you’re in a different world.

From the design of the dome, which is drawn in a unique shape, to each soaring line, it adds to the majesty of the church.

Going inside, you will see many paintings and statues of Christ the Redeemer. All of them are works of art that clearly express deep religious thoughts.

Take photos to keep memories at the parish

The Cathedral is loved for its stunning beauty. Specifically, the church has a beautiful, simple but attractive pastel pink color.

Exciting things to experience at Da Nang Cathedral

If you like to take pictures, remember to check in there. Regardless of the angles, the Cathedral is an excellent place for taking pictures-lovers.

Some notes when going to Da Nang Cathedral

Before seeing the beauty of Da Nang Cathedral, readers should take the time to learn about some essential things.

Opening time

The church is open on weekdays from 07.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.

Masses usually happen at 05.00 a.m., and 05:30 p.m. Sunday Mass will be held at the church at several time slots.

Learn more about Da Nang Cathedral’s open hours: Every Thursday and Saturday from 02.30 p.m. to 03:30 p.m.


As Da Nang Cathedral is a sacred place, tourists should wear comfortable and polite clothes, not rude or too revealing.

Sightseeing tickets

The Da Nang Cathedral can be seen for free at any time. Residents don’t have to pay to get in or out. For first-time visitors, it is essential to note this information to avoid paying unjustly because of some rogue objects. 

Remember to visit the Da Nang Cathedral Parish every time you come to Da Nang. You will undoubtedly find peace when immersing yourself in the space here.

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