Ba Na Hills is considered one of the unique places to visit in Vietnam that every tourist should see.

People often use the word “fairyland” to describe this destination. It is like a “miniature Europe in the middle of the city” because it has many beautiful ancient buildings, fragrant flower gardens, and an incredibly vibrant adventure game area.

A brief look at Ba Na Hills

If you’re going to Da Nang, you must attend Ba Na Hills. This destination is a precious gift that mother nature bestowed. 

Ba Na Hills

The Ba Na Hills is in the Hoa Vang district, about 25 kilometers southwest of the center of Da Nang and 1,487 meters above sea level.

Ba Na Hills is Vietnam’s “green lung” and “climate pearl”. It is also called the “Da Lat of the mountains.”

Ba Na Hills is one of the top tourist attractions in Da Nang. With the new cable car project achieving two world records and the largest indoor amusement park in Southeast Asia, Ba Na Hills is attracting a large number of tourists to explore.

This place is also known as an ecotourism area. It is an excellent place for tourists to stay in the central region.

The weather and climate here tend to change quickly. It can be cold in the morning, sunny in the afternoon, and foggy in the evening. Between April and September is the best time to come here to avoid rain and dew.

At this time, it’s less foggy, and the weather is nice so you can take good pictures anywhere. If you want to enjoy the festive atmosphere in Ba Na Hills, go between spring (January – March) and winter (October – December).

Stunning places in Ba Na Hills

When people go to Ba Na Hills, they can see and experience places that are hard to find elsewhere.

Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is almost 150 meters long and is built at the height of 1,414 meters above sea level. It looks like a magical road in the middle of the sky.

Ba Na Hills

Golden Bridge, which is in Thien Thai Garden, is a great place to stop for people going from the foothills of the French village to the Le Jardin D’ Amour flower garden.

The Golden Bridge doesn’t cross any rivers, but The Guardian still calls it “the world’s most spectacular pedestrian bridge.”

With a giant moss-covered arm holding up a golden silk strip across the sky of Chua Mountain, Golden Bridge created a tourism “fever” in Vietnam and worldwide from the moment it opened.

French Village

On top of Ba Na Hills is a French village that looks like a “miniature Europe.” So, this place is great if you want to see old European architecture and experience royal-class services.

Ba Na Hills

However, classic architecture and easy-to-use services aren’t the only things that keep people coming back here. The corners of shops that smell like coffee or the pretty little flowers along the road always make travelers feel nostalgic.

Fantasy Park

Fantasy Park is one of Vietnam’s biggest amusement parks and is fun for people of all ages. More than 100 games with different levels are now open at the amusement park.

Ba Na Hills

In particular, in Fantasy Park, there is an extremely attractive place called “Back to Jurassic”, bringing visitors back to the age of dinosaurs, providing a realistic and vivid experience.

Toc Tien Waterfall

The Toc Tien waterfall at Suoi Mo, about 2 kilometers east of Ba Na, is a beautiful 700-meter-high waterfall that flows all year into Thuy Duong lake.

Ba Na Hills

The beautiful Toc Tien waterfall has nine overlapping cascades to form smooth white water. Visitors will be surprised by the gentle waterfall, which vibrant and rare plants surround.

When people come here, they will enjoy the scenery, hear the murmuring water and rest their feet on the flat rocks.

Interesting festivals in Ba Na Hills

Every year in Ba Na Hills, many festivals occur from the beginning to the end of the year to meet the needs of foreign tourists who want to mingle with local people.

The Flower Festival

The Ba Na Hills Flower Festival is inspired by the Netherlands, known as the “land of flowers.” There are 1 million tulips and 57 rare flower varieties at the festival.

The Ba Na Hills Flower Festival is the biggest tulip festival in Vietnam. At Suoi Mo garden, 1 million tulips from 15 well-known species have been cut into 9 flower beds.

The artists’ exciting spring carnival dances make the Flower Festival a happy place for art lovers.

The B’estival Festival

Every year from May to September, there is a festival called B’estival, similar to Oktoberfest. It is thought to be the most popular Beer Festival in Vietnam, with exciting programs and events for every traveler.

When you go to B’estival, you’ll feel like you’re at a big party. You can get drunk on beer yeast, try new foods, and get lost in lively dances and passionate music.

The Halloween Festival

A festival that is no longer strange in the West will be reenacted at Ba Na Hills with many fairy tales, scary movie scenes, and seductive dances from around the world.

For Halloween, pumpkins are a must-have, so remember to check in with these pumpkins there!

It would be best to visit Ba Na Hills – Da Nang whenever you can to see how beautiful it is. You won’t be sorry you made this choice.

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