Front Beach Vung Tau, also known as Tam Duong beach, is one of the two most popular beaches in Vung Tau. 

It is at 01 Tran Phu Street, which goes to Quang Trung Street and some of Ha Long Street. 

Front Beach is in a great spot in the middle of Vung Tau, and with its beautiful scenery, white sand, and clear blue sea, the beach attracts many tourists.

The beach used to be a place where many fishing boats could park. Later, it grew into a place where tourists could go. 

Because there are so many hotels, restaurants, resorts, etc., in the area, more and more tourists are coming here, making it a bustling place.

The origin of its the Front Beach name

It’s unclear where the name “Front Beach” came from; many of the city’s older people say it has been around for a long time.

The origin of its the Front Beach name

It may be because, in the past, there were many city agencies and large homes in the city. The area around this beach is where Vung Tau is, so the beach is literally in the “front” of Vung Tau.

Also, from this beach area, you can see the whole sunset when the sun goes down and watch the sun swim in the sea as each band of red clouds comes and goes until only a few rays of light are left. 

When the sun has risen, you can only see its last few rays gliding across the water at Front Beach. 

So, the ancient people called this beach “Tam Duong,” which means “looking for the sun.”

Hang Dua Bay is also one of the area’s names because there are many coconut trees near the beach, now in Front Beach’s park.

The location of Vung Tau Front Beach

Front Beach is a small bay to the southwest of Vung Tau. It is nestled between the mountains of Tuong Ky and Tao Phung. 

The origin of its the Front Beach name

The beach is a quiet, peaceful place where boats can safely return after a trip.

The city center of Vung Tau is in the Front Beach area, so there are a lot of new, friendly apartments and hotels going up in this area. 

Front Beach is always busy and full of life because of this.

Quang Trung is lit up at night by the electricity along Tran Phu Boulevard. 

The lights from the many cafes on the tall houses and a few ships anchored in the sea in the distance create a beautiful, poetic scene in Front Beach.

Address: Ward 1, Street Quang Trung, City. Vung Tau.

Front Beach landscapes and views

Even though not many people swim there, the water at Front Beach is very green and clean. The coastal beach line is quite long but not too big. 

Many fishermen also park their sailboats here, so, at night, the candles on the fishing boats make it look like a thousand stars are shining in this area.

The best time to visit Vung Tau’s Front Beach

Front Beach Vung Tau is in Indochina, which has a tropical monsoon climate with two different wet and dry seasons. 

Because of the environment, it doesn’t get too cold or too hot here. That is also why the beach is quickly becoming a place people want to visit all year.

The best time to visit Vung Tau’s Front Beach

The Front Beach in Vung Tau is bustling on the weekends, so the service prices are also relatively high. Because of this, you shouldn’t take a long trip at this time.

In the evening, Front Beach started to come into view as fishing boats went back and forth, bringing joy and tiredness. 

At this time, the sun turns the whole sea surface red, making the sky look big and creating a peaceful scene.

Activities at Vung Tau Front Beach

When people go to Vung Tau, they can enjoy the excellent blue color of the sea and the natural beauty of the mountains and forests.

Beach sightseeing

Even though the Front Beach Vung Tau is always loud and busy, it still has its natural beauty. 

This is a great place to swim with family or friends to have fun together. With an extensive body of water like the sea, you can relax in the water under the warm sun every morning or afternoon.

Walking along the streets of Vung Tau’s beach

We always think of Vung Tau roads as cool and fresh, with a hint of salt from the sea. 

Quang Trung Street in Front Beach is one of the four most beautiful roads in Vung Tau and is the best place to go with friends and family.

Fun time at a water park

The water park is in the middle of Front Beach. On one side, it faces the tall hotels and restaurants on Quang Trung Street. On the other side, it is right next to the sea.

This area is shaded by rows of coconut trees, bringing fresh air. In particular, visitors can look at the artist’s famous sculptures and check in at Front Beach park, which has beautiful angles.

Fun things to do at night

Front Beach has as many fun and exciting activities at night as during the day. At 17:30, when the sun has set and the sky is getting cooler, activities start taking place. 

This is also when the roads begin to glow green and red, get busy, and people start to crowd the sidewalks along the coast.

Interesting places near Front Beach

The Big Mountain

Vung Tau Big Mountain, also called Dai Son, is one of Vung Tau’s two most beautiful mountains. 

Big Mountain is like a dark blue dot in the middle of Vung Tau’s big sea and sky. It sticks in the middle of the city’s open sea and sky.

The Big Mountain

From the top of the Mountain, the cable car system is a great way to make the trip to Big Mountain’s beautiful scenery enjoyable.

When people look down from the cable car, they can see the deep blue mountains, the romantic Vung Tau beach, and the motels and hotels built to blend in with the natural surroundings.

The Small Mountain

Small Mountain, also called Tao Phung Mountain, is about 170m high and covers approximately 120ha. This Mountain is next to the ocean, and many coastal trails start at its base.

The Small Mountain

This Mountain has two peaks. The higher one has a lighthouse that lights up a part of the sky, and the lower one has The Statue of Jesus Christ, a paradise in Vung Tau and a place everyone knows. 

You have to climb 1000 stairs to get to The Statue of Jesus Christ, and if you want to go to the lighthouse, you can rent a motorbike. 

The lighthouse is on the top of Small Mountain. It was built in 1862 and fixed in 1913, but its shape and classical architecture are still the same. 

It is one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

At the foot of the Mountain, there are many bars, restaurants, and hotels, so this area is always full of people. 

In the afternoon, many people will walk, bathe, and watch the sunset over the vast, empty water along the road.

Hon Nguu

Hon Nguu is a rocky headland that sticks out into the sea and resembles a buffalo dipping its head in the water. People in Vung Tau go there to fish and relax. 

Hon Nguu

People who go to Vung Tau like to sit on the beach, let go of their fishing rods, and wait for the fish to bite while enjoying the fresh air of the sea and the relaxed waves.

Hotels in Front Beach

Muong Thanh Hotel

The Muong Thanh Vung Tau Hotel is in the middle of Vung Tau city on Thong Nhat Street. 

Muong Thanh Hotel

You can view Tam Duong Bay, Vong Nguyet Beach, and other places like Quang Ninh Park, central square, and the cultural museum. 

In particular, the hotel is only a few hundred meters from the Canh Ngam pier, so people can quickly get to Ho Chi Minh City.

Grand Hotel Vung Tau 

Canh Ngam pier is about 2 km from the Grand Hotel Vung Tau, in the middle of the city. The hotel has a unique design and is one of the few built from scratch. 

Grand Hotel Vung Tau 

It still has many historical and cultural values from how the city of Vung Tau began and grew.

Petro House

The Petro House is one of the most comfortable and spacious hotels in Vung Tau. It is in the heart of a romantic coastal city and has warm and luxurious French architecture. 

Petro House

Petro House is a great place to relax with family and friends by swimming in the sea or for romantic couples on weekends. 

It is also an excellent place for many business people and engineers working in Vung Tau.

Rex Vung Tau

For many years, Rex Vung Tau has been chosen as one of the best 3-star hotels in Vietnam. 

Rex Vung Tau

The Rex Hotel is in the middle of the city, close to large companies’ offices and many tourist attractions, places to have fun and shop. 

It has 77 fully furnished rooms that are designed in a way that is balanced and delicate. Most rooms have a balcony with a direct view of the sea, mountains, or city.

Things you should know before going to Vung Tau Front Beach

  • Sea sun is terrible for your skin, so make sure you put on enough sunscreen and scalp lotion before you come here.
  • You should bring your ID and any necessary personal items with you in case you need them.
  • You won’t be able to stop checking in at Front Beach because there are so many beautiful places. So, remember to bring a power bank and a few tools to help you take photos.
  • When traveling, you must have a pair of sports shoes. Moving quickly and sometimes jogging would be best, so bring sports shoes.
  • Before buying anything, you should read articles on sharing experiences for more information about the local goods market.
  • If you don’t drive to Vung Tau, you should rent a motorcycle when you get there to make getting around easier.

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