If you’re in Nha Trang City and need help deciding which spa to select among many of beauty salons. The top ten spas for beauty in Nha Trang are listed in this article.

1. Zen Spa 

One of the well-known brands, Zen Spa is a favorite among customers. It is regarded as a destination for beauty that should be frequented.

Zen Spa 

The spa employs various massage techniques to help clients feel comfortable, with the costs are fair and affordable for most people.

Zen Spa concentrates on assembling a group of experts who are constantly vigilant in assessing their abilities and upgrading various new massage techniques, providing clients with the most significant outcomes.

The Zen Spa’s interior is uncomplicated, rustic, yet incredibly warm and tidy. When you visit, you’ll experience the welcoming atmosphere of our excellent and distinctive services.


Email: maryphuong911@gmail.com 

Address: No. 152 Bach Dang Street, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Phone: 0775 416 921 

2. Jessica Spa 

Several customers are pleased with the high-caliber Thai massage service provided by Jessica Spa Nha Trang.

Jessica Spa 

You can ease tension and work-related strain by using natural essential oils and moderately forceful pushing, pulling, and manipulating motions while reducing muscle discomfort.

In medicine, massage is utilized as a way of health care, relaxation, and stress relief to cure vascular illnesses and aid in healing injuries.

You will receive immediate assistance from a group of skilled specialists from Bangkok, Thailand, when you visit Jessica Spa Nha Trang to enjoy your visit as comfortable as possible.


Email: thanhdinh87@yahoo.co.uk 

Address: 86 Hong Bang Street, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Phone: 0942 361 987 

3. Onsi Spa

Arriving at Onsi Spa Nha Trang seems to eliminate all of your life’s fatigue and replace it with a sense of mental and physical comfort.

Onsi Spa

You will experience a tranquil sleep accompanied by the calming scent of pure essential oils and calming background music while receiving an expert massage from the experts.

At Onsi Spa Nha Trang, you’ll receive high-quality massages in a cozy setting from skilled professionals.

Many advantages to visiting Onsi Spa in Nha Trang include avoiding physical weakness, insomnia, avoiding disorders that cause joint discomfort, reducing stress, and providing comfort and well-being.


Email: Onsispa@gmail.com

Address: No. 6 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Tan Lap District, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Phone: 0984 446 642 

4. Charm Spa Grand 

The renowned beauty brand Charm Spa Grand Nha Trang provides leading health and beauty care services in the seaside city of Nha Trang.

Charm Spa Grand 

Charm Spa Grand Nha Trang has a fantastic relaxation area and a fresh, ideal, and contemporary perspective of a high-class spa with European style.

You will enjoy the taste of herbal tea, the aroma of intensely aromatic essential oils, calming music, and massage treatments from trained professionals.

A team of skilled professionals offers health and beauty treatments at Charm Spa Grand Nha Trang.

Vietnamese traditional massage, hot stone massage, herbal massage, body massage for pregnant women, skin whitening, and face treatment with natural ingredients are just a few of the services offered at Charm Spa Grand Nha Trang.


Email: charmspagrand.nt@gmail.com

Address: 48C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Phone: 0902 814 617 

5. KAY Spa 

When women in Nha Trang want to enhance their appearance, they frequently go to KAY Spa.

You will be checked at KAY Spa and advised on the best course of treatment for your skin type and desired skin issues.

The spa’s team of professionals has a strong level of knowledge, which increases care efficiency.

With cutting-edge technology, Kay Spa offers its clients the best possible customer service, utilizing only natural ingredients.

Excellent management and personnel. KAY Spa is continually improving the abilities of staff members within the system.


Address: 13 Me Linh, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000

Phone: 1900 3055

Website: kayspa.com

6. Seoul Spa 

With 45 locations nationwide, Seoul Spa is the largest network of beauty salons in Vietnam, expertly meeting the demands of women both domestically and abroad.

Seoul Spa 

Acne Spectra Korea, complete body whitening, high-tech slimming, body hair removal, skincare, and many other exceptional services are available at Seoul Spa.

The spa is designed opulent and contemporary, with a breadth of 2000m2, first-rate furnishings, and amenities that meet worldwide standards.

The cosmetic beds at Seoul Spa are created independently and covertly to give clients the most private and cozy environment possible.


Email: cskh@seoulspa.vn 

Phone: 1900 6947 

Address: 174 Ngo Gia Tu, P. Phuoc Tien, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000

7. Sen Spa 

Sen Spa Nha Trang is a well-known destination for beauty seekers from both local and foreign countries.

Sen Spa 

You will experience comfort when you enter Sen Spa and take your first step.

Sen Spa’s facility is nicely furnished, offering many cool rooms and an inviting aroma of essential oils.

Sen Spa offers expert services and a variety of unique massage techniques. In the minds of many tourists, who make up the majority of the Nha Trang population, Sen Spa has established itself as a reputable address and a prestigious brand.


Email: senspanhatrang@gmail.com 

Address: No. 241 Ngo Den Street, Ngoc Hiep District, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Phone: 025 8382 9899

8. Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa

A company with many years of expertise in the field of beauty and thorough skin care is Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa.

Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa

The efficiency of Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa’s massage treatments is always assured to be at its highest level because they are applied scientifically.

You can pick from a variety of massage services at Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa, including facial massages, Lomi Lomi massages, and massages with warm stones.

All massage therapists are licensed professionals who have undergone rigorous training from an Australian physiotherapist with more than 18 years of industry experience.

Customers approve and highly recommend the Japanese-inspired massage treatments at Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa.


Email: info@purevietnam.com.vn 

Phone: 025 8381 0010 

Address: No. 44 Ngo Quyen Street, Xuong Huan Ward, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

9. Le Kha Spa 

Le Kha Spa features a top-notch team, extensive expertise in the field of cosmetology, and a brand-new range of Oriental Medicine products that will give you flawless, youthful skin.

Le Kha Spa

Le Kha Spa constantly respects the attractiveness of its clients by using high-quality products and seasoned skin care professionals.

Le Kha Spa is dedicated to offering you the most excellent results, relaxation, optimal health, and total energy.

After visiting Le Kha Spa to learn about, care for, appreciate, and feel your beauty, your life will become more beautiful.

Facials, therapeutic massage, warm stone massage, hair removal, cosmetic tattooing, and many other aesthetic services are offered at Le Kha Spa.


Address: 89 Bach Dang, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa 

Phone: 0583 521 220 – 0905 053 252 

Website: http://lekhaspa.com/

10. Mire Home Spa

The most famous beauty parlor in Nha Trang city is Mire Home Spa. Many consumers have experienced and appreciated high-quality service.

Mire Home Spa

The spa currently offers two acne treatment options according to customer needs and at various pricing points.

Mire Home Spa makes investments in cutting-edge machinery. The spa offers numerous procedures, including concave scar treatment, skin care, moisturizing, and skincare.

A group of highly skilled medical professionals and technicians with years of expertise work at the spa and frequently direct the skin care procedure for clients during and after treatment.


Phone: 084 43 46 999 – 0769 512 532

Address: 36 Ngo Đuc Ke, Tan Lap, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Website: mirehomespa.com 

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