There are several open gyms in Nha Trang, so selecting a standard gym takes a lot of work. The top 10 gyms in Nha Trang are listed in this post for your consideration.

1. California Fitness & Yoga

The Nha Trang gym provides people with excellent health because it is part of California Fitness & Yoga’s 5-star high-class gym system.

California Fitness & Yoga

The gym combines physical activity with medical attention. The exercise equipment system is particularly cutting-edge and modern for many different sorts of exercises.

This facility has a staff of certified personal trainers and US-made cutting-edge fitness gear. You’ll be exercising in a professional setting.

The gym’s luxury and contemporary design includes a separate restroom and changing area to provide the highest level of health safety.


Phone: 1800 6995 

Address: Nha Trang Center building, 4th floor, 20 Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang


2. NT Fitness

One of the famous places for people looking for a qualified and professional gym in Nha Trang is NT Fitness.

NT Fitness

The gym is completely stocked with cutting-edge equipment for body activities, including strengthening the waist, buttocks, and thighs to melt belly fat and enhance the figure.

The trainers at NT Fitness will support and mentor you while you participate in training programs, offering dietary advice.

The gym is contemporary, cozy, and luxurious. Several pieces of fitness gear. Exact pricing. Flexible and varied activities to match the needs of everybody.


Phone: 0935 433 625 


Address: 6A Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street, Tan Lap District, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

3. K Fitness Private Training 

One of the numerous prominent gyms with top brands in Nha Trang is K Fitness Private Training.

The gym has all the current equipment, roomy facilities, and peaceful training areas you’d expect from a high-quality gym.

With a balanced diet and competent guidance, K Fitness Private Training’s highly qualified instructors can help you maintain a standard appearance and flexible health.

Sophisticated fitness equipment from renowned international brands like Rouge and Relax is imported.

The gym offers air conditioning, hot and cold bathrooms, free use of towels, shampoo, and soft drinks, as well as workout towels—a large and spotless parking lot.


Phone: 0777 792 123


Address: 8E Street, Phuoc Hai Ward, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

4. Phong Vu Gym & Fitness 

Phong Vu Gym & Fitness is the best location to visit if you seek a dependable gym in Nha Trang.

Phong Vu Gym & Fitness 

The center’s mission is to improve students’ physical Fitness and exercise effectiveness so everyone can live better lives by maintaining a healthy body.

You may acquire results at Phong Vu Gym & Fitness in the shortest time thanks to the spacious, airy gym, cutting-edge equipment, and team of competent and committed fitness experts.

The spacious, hip gym with cutting-edge equipment is the apparent benefit. There are several incentive schemes in a professional, welcoming training atmosphere.


Phone: 0934 847 658 

Address: 56 Hon Chong Street, Vinh Phuoc District, Nha Trang

5. Olympic Nha Trang Gym & Fitness 

Olympic is proud to be a budget-friendly, high-quality fitness facility in Nha Trang.

Olympic Nha Trang Gym & Fitness

The gym at Olympic includes different machines for each muscle group imported from abroad.

You can modify your daily diet and exercise schedules for the personal training program to quickly achieve the desired body.

Friendly, enthusiastic personnel. In addition to the excellent service, the area is usually bright and tidy. Bring a comfy feeling with you when working out here.


Phone: 091 680 74 24

Address: 09 Hung Vuong, Nha Trang

6. PT Gym

The PT Gym in Nha Trang strives to provide ladies with a balanced and ideal figure. This is a club that is only for women who enjoy working out.

PT Gym

With the help of the body analysis indicators, PT Gym will assess your current state of health and provide you with a fair exercise routine and diet plan to start getting in shape immediately.

You can work out as often as you like at PT Gym, and a trainer will help you if you’re a novice.

You will achieve excellent outcomes if you work with qualified trainers with years of classroom experience and use scientific training techniques.


Address: 141 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Phone: 0944 244 242 – 0799 806 777 


7. Song Huy Gym 

Song Huy Gym is the best option if you’re seeking a great gym in Nha Trang at a reasonable price.

There is modern equipment in the gym. A group of qualified coaches who are committed to helping you work out and achieve your ideal body.

After a long day of work, you may recharge in the lively practice environment and have the energy to start a better day.


Phone: 090 533 66 96 

Address: 02 Doan Tran Nghiep, Nha Trang

8. New Life Gym Fitness Center 

Practitioners of New Life Gym report feeling great, having more energy, being more self-assured, and having renewed inspiration for life.

The group of motivated teachers, with a wealth of expertise, are prepared to hear the students’ desires and develop the best strategy for helping them realize their objectives.

Many people come here to use the personal training service. Working out at New Life Gym Fitness Center won’t let you down!


Phone: 098 543 90 94 

Address: 234 Than Nhan Trung, Nha Trang

9. Spartan Gym 

The most opulent and roomy gym in Nha Trang is called Spartan. It offers Yoga, Kickfit Boxing, cycling, group training through GroupX, and Fitness.

Spartan Gym 

Spartan makes investments in foreign-imported equipment to facilitate simple and highly effective training.

Baths, wet saunas, and dry saunas are available at Spartan to help you unwind and safeguard your health.

Young, competent, and motivated employees at Spartan are eager to lead and support the practice as they assist you in maintaining your health and treating illnesses.

You can practice for a fair price training. Regular discounts from Spartan are appropriate for both new and seasoned clients.


Phone: 0899 356 635 

Address: 4th floor of Co.op Mart supermarket, 124 Le Hong Phong, Nha Trang

10. Queen Sport 

The large, dairy Queen Sport gym has positively impacted many students. 

Queen Sport 

The gym has state-of-the-art amenities, complete equipment, and a large workout area.

The knowledgeable, energetic, and caring staff at Queen Sport will make you feel at ease while you work out here.


Phone: 090 583 15 82 

Address: 56/6 Luong Van Can, group 21, Vinh Hai, Nha Trang

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