Today, many sports fans adore the sport of gymnastics. To assist you to make the best decisions for your personal development and pursuit of a toned figure, this article will introduce you to the top 10 most high-quality gyms in Da Nang.

1. The City Gym

The City Gym is one of the best places to work out in Da Nang because it has a lot of space and high-tech equipment.

Members of The City Gym can take advantage of many different ways to work out, such as the gym, Yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, and more. 

Members can also use services like babysitting, medical rooms with medicine cabinets, and entertainment services at the gym.

The City Gym has a team of great coaches who have been carefully chosen and trained. Members will be advised on the best ways to work out and eat.

The coaches at the center have a lot of specialized knowledge about the gym, so you can be sure that they will support and help you most reliably with each move and a healthy diet.

The City Gym is considered the best place to work out because it has a lot of equipment from other nations.


Address: 512-514 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hoa Thuan Tay Ward, Hai Chau District, City of Danang.

Hotline: 0905.404.212


2. California Fitness and Yoga Centers Vietnam

California Fitness & Yoga Danang is one of the training centers in the beautiful coastal city that has the most classes in various fields.

California Fitness & Yoga Centers Vietnam has 7 locations, and Danang is one of them.

When you go to the center, you can take yoga, dance, and MMA freestyle martial arts classes, which help you get stronger and lose weight.

Customers can work out with a personal trainer or with others in a group class. The group training program, in particular, used the latest fitness techniques from Lesmills and was made by California to help you get in shape quickly.

Five-star facilities are fully up-to-date and comfortable. In particular, after practicing, you can relax your body and soul in the spa room and return to the luxurious makeup area.


Address: 3rd Floor, 271 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Thanh Khe District, City Post Office Building.

Hotline: 1800 6995



3. Wonder Fitness Center

Wonder Fitness Center is a famous fitness center that offers a wide range of new workouts, such as gym, Yoga, Zumba, group X, boxing, and more.

Wonder Fitness Center

Wonder Fitness Center has an advanced system of machines and 100% imported equipment. It also has a separate, large, and comfortable gym and a team of trained and advanced coaches, including many good coaches from different countries.

Customers who attend Wonder Fitness Center will find a luxurious, modern space with highly trained, friendly, and helpful staff. These things will make you feel fun, active, and stylish.

Wonder Fitness Center will be the best place for most fitness and sports fans because its goal is to give people a luxurious and classy place to work out that will excite them about sports.


Address: 322 Ngu Hanh Son, Danang. 

Phone: 0901454567 – 0935 54 2454.



4. Yoga LeVas

Yoga LeVas is one of the best places in Da Nang to learn and practice Yoga. Their motto is “Towards everyone’s health and beauty.”

Yoga LeVas

Yoga LeVas wants to meet people’s needs to improve their bodies and care for their looks. This would make an excellent place for people who are interested in health and beauty.

Yoga LeVas has won the trust of most of the people who come here to practice because it has an excellent, modern gym and a team of professional, dedicated coaches who have worked together for many years.

Yoga LeVas keeps signing up people for training classes at meager prices. If you want to try bodybuilding and are looking for an excellent place to train in Da Nang, don’t be afraid to come to Yoga LeVas.

With just a short time of practice at the bar, your health will improve, your mind will calm down, and your beautiful body will stay that way.


Address: No. 2 Thanh Hai, Thanh Binh Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang. 

Phone: 0907 183 287. 



Open: 15:30 – 18:40

5. Aro Yoga & Dance

Aro Yoga & Dance is one of the most well-known places to practice Yoga in Da Nang. Many people now go there to try out a new yoga practice that will help them get healthier.

Aro Yoga & Dance

Go to Aro Yoga & Dance and you can practice directly with a team of Indian teachers led by Master Avi, who has been practicing Yoga for many years and has won several high rankings in international yoga competitions.

Aro Yoga & Dance wants to develop services that meet our clients’ needs for health and beauty. 

When you do Yoga regularly, it gives you a solid and positive spirit that helps you deal with life’s challenges.

Please get in touch with us if you want the best services. Aro Yoga & Dance is open every day of the week from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. There are more than 300 classes each month.


Address: 258 Han Thuyen, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau, Da Nang 

Phone: 023 6368 8986 & 0905 589 198




Open: 05:00 – 21:00

6. TYRA Yoga

In Da Nang, TYRA Yoga is the best place to do modern and professional yoga exercises to improve your health and get you in shape.


We have a team of instructors who have taught Yoga for a long time and know a lot about it.

Because the exercises change all the time, each student has had a lot of exciting training sessions in a large, open, and well-equipped space that best meets their training needs.

In addition to having modern facilities and equipment, TYRA Yoga is constantly learning and researching to come up with the most modern methods. It uses many new training techniques to improve health to the highest level.

The outdoor practice sessions are very exciting because they give students a new place to practice Yoga and enjoy it fully.


Address: 3rd Floor, 236 Dien Bien Phu, Da Nang 

Phone: 0353 039 927

Email: taonguyen


Open: 05:00 – 19:30


HAMY Yoga is the first place to go for Yoga in Da Nang. With many good yoga exercises, HAMY Yoga will “help” you get a slim and flexible body.


HAMY has helped women get in the shape they want and stay healthy. You will be taught to practice with great care. Here, the instructor will guide you and show you how to make each move right.

The space in the center is very quiet, open, and big, which gives customers hope that they will get the most out of doing Yoga there.

HAMY Yoga will give you the best yoga experience. The ticket prices aren’t too high either, and there are excellent deals for people who join the club often.


Address: K30/H16/1 Tran Phu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam 

Phone: 0905 360 890 


8. MMA – KickFitness

MMA – KickFitness is the best place for people who like martial arts. The center offers training in a wide range of subjects. 

MMA - KickFitness

Still, its main focus is kickfitness, which helps the body be flexible, the mind feels at ease, and the person gains weight quickly and safely whenever they want to.

The training center is especially good at several modern martial arts: Muay Thai is a Thai martial art that uses both the hands and feet; Mixed Martial Arts is also called freestyle martial arts or a mix of martial arts.

Facilities with a network of gyms that have the most up-to-date equipment. The coaches are carefully chosen and trained. 

Most of them are athletes who compete internationally or have graduated from a national university of sport and physical education.

The price is fair, and you can work out for free for one month before deciding whether to join MMA – KickFitness.


Address: Vietinbank Building, 12A Floor, 36 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Hai Chau District, Danang. 

Phone: 0923 455 556 & 0988 110 298. 



9. HD Fitness Center

HD Fitness Center is in three of Da Nang’s most vital neighborhoods. It has large, airy workout areas and a lot of modern, high-tech equipment that was brought in from other countries.

HD Fitness Center

HD Fitness Center offers its customers various services and incentives, such as a gym, Yoga, Zumba-group x, stretching, and boxing.

The staff is fully trained in health, nutrition, and physiology to help customers in any problematic situation.

In particular, the exclusive customer support and consulting system in Da Nang, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, helps customers save time and money and keep track of how their training is going.


Address: 996 Ngo Quyen, Da Nang’s Son Tra District.

Phone: 0901 144 177




10. BLACK’S Gym

BLACK’s Gym in Da Nang is well-known for its training methods and equipment that meet international standards.


When you go to this class, you will be trained by bodybuilders who have done this before. They will help you quickly improve yourself and keep your shape in a way that makes them happy.

The best thing is that the classrooms are big, clean, and full of different kinds of learning tools.

A group of dedicated and careful coaches who work hard to please even the pickiest customers.


Address: 03-05 Tran Quang Dieu, Ngo Quyen, Da Nang, next to the Blue House apartment.

Hotline: 090 117 81 35


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